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The ORDERS legacy began in 1914 and has spanned four generations of builders.

In that time we have built a reputation as the dependable, honest, and loyal general contractor in West Virginia who provides excellent workmanship. In 1964, Robert Orders Sr. founded ORDERS Construction primarily as a bridge contractor in West Virginia. 

Since that time we have expanded our scope of service to include industrial/mechanical construction, heavy highway construction, site development/earthwork, pipeline construction, design-build/turn-key construction, and marine construction.

We have also expanded our footprint into Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky and Maryland. As a family-owned company, we service a wide range of markets and industries that make up our extensive portfolio totaling more than one billion dollars of work performed. Our safety program, ingenuity, and bonding capacity in excess of $280 million dollars make us the choice contractor for public and private clients alike. We look forward to bringing our unique blend of experience and innovation to your job site and the opportunity to become your project partner.

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Our employees consist of highly trained, highly skilled local workers.


ORDERS Construction was founded in St. Albans, West Virginia in 1964. We are proud of our history, our heritage and our neighbors. Since that time we have worked in every county in our great state and completed projects in surrounding states as well. We know the challenges that each geographic region offers. Our workers know the culture, the language and the pulse of the communities we serve.

Our field superintendents and crews know what is expected by local residents, and we communicate with local officials and landowners to help minimize our impact on the community. Many members of our team are second and third-generation employees of ORDERS Construction and we are thankful for their loyalty. Their dedication to safety, craftsmanship and hard work is what makes our company strong.


We work, live and play in the Appalachian hills.


We understand the rules and regulations imposed by state and federal agencies and what is required to work in our area. Each project performed by ORDERS Construction has a groundwater protection plan which requires an audit weekly or anytime a significant rain event occurs. Each job trailer has a spill prevention and cleanup kit should it be needed. We take these and other precautions on EVERY job.

We feel it is our responsibility to be the best possible stewards of the environment. Many of our projects are in environmentally sensitive areas that are heavily regulated. We also have experience with stream restoration projects, mitigation projects and non-impact environmental projects.

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