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Unparalleled experience with multiple solutions.


Many types of retaining structures exist in the market today and ORDERS Construction has experience installing all of them. We have installed aesthetic structures such as mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) panels, segmental retaining walls, and pre-cast concrete walls. Skilled workers utilizing our equipment have self-performed the installation of thousands of square feet of sheet piling (drilled, driven, and vibrated). Pile and lagging walls, gabions, reinforced soil walls, and earth anchors round out our retaining structure portfolio. If requested, our Registered Professional Engineers can assist in the selection of a system to meet our clients' needs. Additionally, we can install caissons, micro-piles, and other highly technical foundations.

Since 1964 ORDERS Construction has poured hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of concrete for public and private entities. We specialize in industrial paving, slip-formed curb, gutters, barrier walls, concrete demolition, foundations, concrete containment areas, concrete back-walls/stop-walls, equipment pads, concrete overlays, and concrete repairs.

Construction Specialists in West Virginia
Construction Specialists in West Virginia
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