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Thomas B. Pugh Memorial Bridge

Prince, West Virginia

Utilizing cutting edge construction practices, the Thomas B Pugh Memorial Bridge was the first bridge in state to call for a Class H-IC concrete deck to maximize permeability. Access was limited which made the site tight and congested adding to the complexity of crossing the New River. The construction access and causeway were complex in design and application to meet the environmental restriction in the New River Gorge National Park.

The causeways consisted of three temporary bridges, gabion baskets islands, and large culvert pipes. Temporary construction access had to be built to hold the heavy loads of construction equipment and materials while being able to withstand the force of the New River throughout winter and spring months. Steel erection involved hanging 50 girders with minimal access for cranes, which resulted in false work to support girders in some cases that weighed over 60,000 pounds.

Project Highlights

Date: 2015

Client: WVDOH

Challenges: Environmentally Sensitive Area, Compact Construction Area


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